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A Public Benevolent Institution

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Cambodia Harvest of Hope Children's HIV Centre.

Western Australia Harvest of Hope Rehabilitation Centre.

Company Information

Harvest of Hope is a Public Benevolent Institution dedicated to the service of the poor, orphaned and marginalised. As a Christian organisation we hold to the teachings of Jesus Christ as God's only Son sent to free those entrapped by sin. In this we see His work extended in reaching out to those addicted to harmful substances and in helping the poor globally.

The overall mission of the centre is to prevent, reduce and address the harm caused by drug related substance abuse. The centres will administer a proven program originating in the Philippines (House of Hope) that has been in successful operation for fourteen years. The program is Christ-centered, family based and community-oriented to restore physical and social wellbeing capable of promoting a productive, drug free life.

To provide an excellent, leading and innovative drug and alcohol Rehabilitation/Detoxification facility incorporating short to mid-term recovery accommodation for those afflicted with chemical addictions.
Executive Advisory Committee
Harvest Of Hope is supported by a team of highly skilled professionals all sharing the vision to reach out to the marginalised and poor,
Our Values
Harvest of Hope is a Christian organisation that values each member as a child of God with unlimited potential to love and,
Legal Status
A public benevolent company endorsed for charity tax concession,
We humbly recognise that team work is an essential ingredient of a successful charitable organisation,
Our Commitment
We are committed to the poor and marginalised, to those trapped within drug addiction and to the restoration of broken lives. In this endeavor we see Jesus Christ as the ultimate Redeemer, Saviour and Reconciler. We therefore seek to extend His work in loving others as oneself.

Government Endorsement
A public benevolent institution

Proven Program
Fourteen years successfully releasing the afflicted