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Christian Values and Legal Status

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Cambodia Harvest of Hope Children's HIV Centre.

Western Australia Harvest of Hope Rehabilitation Centre.

Executive Commitee

Harvest Of Hope is supported by a team of highly skilled professionals. Sharing the vision to reach out to the marginalised and drug affected.

The Executive Committee includes:

Pstr Jack Jones BMin, Dip.Min (Managing Director)
Mr Neil Caintic (Liaison Officer of House of Hope Philippines)
Mr Mike Ford (Business Entrepreneur )
Dr Charles Slack
Dr Maxine Knapp B.Asc DPh
Pstr Albert Knapp
Dr Robert Kelley BA,J.D, LL.M, CFP, Dip F.P

Our Values
As a Christian organisation, we hold to the teachings of Jesus Christ as God's only Son sent to free those entrapped by sin. We hold to the infallible authority of the Christian Holy Bible as God's truth to humankind. We believe that true salvation from addiction and the consquences of sin (the default state of all humanity Rom.3) is through faith and commitment in Jesus Christ, via the receiving of His Holy Spirit and the progressive sanctification that occurs thereafter. Christ is the redeemer and self sacrificing gift of God who enables God's ultimate commandment of Love; Love of God and Love of neighbour. Mercy triumphing over judgement.
Legal Status
Harvest of Hope is a government approved Pubilc Benevolent Institution. ABN:27 145 147 842. The Organisation is endorsed as a deductible gift recipient under Subdivision 30-BA of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997. Endorsement for charity tax concessions include Income tax exemption, GST Concession and FBT exemption.

Government Endorsement
A public benevolent institution

Proven Program
Fourteen years successfully operating