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Cambodia Harvest of Hope Children's HIV Centre.

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Harvest of Hope - Cambodia

Harvest of Hope Children's HIV Centre - God's Provision
The Harvest of Hope HIV Centre from start to finish has been driven by God's hand. Initally through a faith donation, funds of $20,000 were recieved for transfer to the Cambodian Ministry Fellowship of Hope. The purpose - to help rent or lease a property that could be utilised for a HIV centre for children and for teaching English and Bible study.

God is amazing. Instead of renting or leasing a property, He provided a half completed building (as seen in the photograph) at a greatly reduced cost. As a result, the donation was more than sufficient to cover the cost of purchase, with surplus to complete fitout almost to the last dollar.


Work Begins
No sooner had the property been purchased completion and fit out began. The Lord moved fast, with resources coming together in perfect timing and unison. The team was excited and so were the people (about 500) in the surrounding villages who were aware that a new NGO had moved into the area.

Within one month, God provided volunteers and tradesmen including local children who offered to help if they could enrol in the school program! Bright colours were chosen inside and out. The centre was completed within three short months.

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Let the little Children come to me
The centre was officially opened in November. However, even before opening, it ministered to over fifty children. Children in the poor villages flocked to the grounds because they knew something special had arrived. Christ loves the little children and drew them to the centre where his faithful servants work together in love for the poor.

Government Endorsement
A public benevolent institution

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Fourteen years succesfully releasing the afflicted